Objectives of  Karachi Editors Club  (KEC)

  1. The objective of the club shall be to foster interactive understanding among Editors, promote through such contact mutual understanding and fellowship and generally to encourage a spirit of common endeavor in matter of common interest and get together. In pursuance of this objective the club shall endeavor to acquire suitable permanent accommodation, arrange recreational facilities to its members and encourage other means of fruitful personal contacts.

2. The club will make sincere efforts to address the problems being faced by the editors’   community, and to create enable environment to perform professional duties.

3. The club will make sincere efforts for residence or residential land from concerned departments for its members.

4. The club will also make efforts to create fund for the development/ help towards the deserving members.

5. To act as the central organization of the Editors community.

6. To hold different conferences of its members to discuss and determine action on matters of common interests.

7. To promote co-operation in all matters affecting the common interests of members.

8. To purchase, take, lease, exchange, hire or otherwise acquire any real and personal property, and any rights of privileges which seem necessary or convenient for the purposes of the Society, and to construct alter and maintain any building required for such purposes.

9. To sell, improve, manage, develop, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the club.

10. To Organise annual editors conference on national scale.

11. To forms different committees on different subjects heading by each EC members

12. To organize a regular program “Meet The Editors” or “Editors Visits” to high light different issues and personalities.

Membership Categories

  1. Council Member: Editors, News Editors or Columnists (Analysts/Producers/ Bureau Chief of Electronic media will be considered equitant to Editor. Minimum fifteen years experience is required for council membership. Entrance fee Rs 5000 and annual fee Rs 6000 (Total 11,000)

2. Associate Member: (Reporter, Sub Editor, Sr Marketing and admin staff members of Media Organisations, Sr technical staff of electronic media etc) Fee as above.

3. Associate Corporate member: (Head of Marketing, PROs of Government/Private Organisation) Entrance Fee Rs: 20,000 Annual 12,000 per annum (Total: 32,000)

4. Corporate Members: (Government/Private Organisation) Entrance Fee Rs 100,000 annual fee Rs 30,000. Corporate member can nominate up to 5 members from their organization. (Total: 130,000).

Note: Council members will have voting rights only in the elections of The Club.