Zubair asks media to highlight positive work of the govt

Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair holds consultative meeting with members of Karachi Editors Club

Ahmad Omer

KARACHI: Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair has said that when the current government took over power, two major challenges were faced by the country i.e. energy crisis and law and order situation. The government worked hard to tackle both these major challenges. Today the situation of peace and security in the whole country is very good and we are heading towards eliminating energy crisis and getting more power for your needs. He expressed these views in the consultation meeting with members of the Karachi Editors Club, here at Governor’s House Thursday.
President Mubasher Mir, Mukhtar Aqil, Manzar Naqvi, Sajid Aziz, Mukhtar Ahmed Butt, Agha Masood, Tahir Najmi, Abrar Bakhtiar, Mohammad Arif, Fiza Shakil, Muhammad Taqi Alvi, Zanobia Ilyas, Hasina Jatoi, Zafar Iqbal Rajput, Imtiaz Khan Faran, Ali Imran, Amin Yousuf, Masood Zaidi, Azfar Masood, Adil Jilani, Tahir Hassan, Zahida Abbasi, Yasmin Mirza, Humaira Motala, Ahmad Malik, Shahzad Gilani, Naeemuddin, Dr. Zubair, Tajvar Beg, Z.H. Khurram, Ahmad Omer, Faisal Zahid Malik, Khursheed Haider, Syed Ibne Hassan, Javed Shamsi, Muhammed Arifeen, Tariq Aziz, Mazhar Abbas, Saeed Ahmad Saeed, Abdul Rehman and others attended the meeting.
In the meeting, the Governor was briefed in detail about the objectives of the Karachi Editors Club and the difficulties and problems faced by them.
Governor Sindh further said that after the establishment of peace and security, not only foreign investors are taking full interest in investing in Pakistan but there is also increase in investment with regular intervals. He said growth in industrial, commercial, economic, social, cultural and other activities was helping the government in eliminating unemployment and poverty. Today’s Pakistan, he added, is committed to various peaceful and prosperous development projects in Pakistan since 2013.
He said despite prevailing peace and economic prosperity, the existence of negative point of view about the county around the world, road shows are also being conducted while Pakistan’s real image was also highlighted in the recent visit to America as a result of which the US investors’ confidence has been restored and they have begun to take full interest in investing in Pakistan. He said he will participate in another road show in Britain in this connection next month.
He said that the government’s efforts for achieving energy will get more power than the demand. On Wednesday, Prime Minister has inaugurated an energy project the costing $2 billion with the joint cooperation of China, Qatar and Pakistan at Port Qasim. These are two projects, which will get 660, 660 megawatt power; a project has been completed in the record period of 23 months and completion of the project will benefit 40 lakh families.
He called upon the media that they should also promote positive changes in the country so that people may know that conditions are moving towards rapid improvement, allowing people to stimulate energy and keep the government active. He said the federal government is not only the federation but also has the vision of development of the entire country. He said development projects are being developed in various districts of Sindh, Thatta, Jacobabad, Tando Muhammad Khan, Hyderabad and Karachi including Lyari K-IV.
In Karachi work on various projects is going on including Green Line project, clean drinking water projects, Lyari Expressway. The estimated cost of these projects is 50 billion rupees while projects are also being developed under the Karachi Development Package, Rs 25 billion under development package. This way, the federal government is spending 75 billion rupees for the development and prosperity of Karachi.
Responding a question, Governor Muhammad Zubair said that there are ongoing development projects in Thar also costing 4.5 billion dollars which includes HESCO costing two billion dollars and Engro Power Plant costing 2.5 billion dollars.
He said contracts have also been signed with mining companies, under which work will be done on development infrastructure, education and health in Thar. Those who work in Thar have been asked to give available jobs only to local people so that the living standard of people in the area can be raised.
He said those homes that will be affected by projects of the mining companies will be constructed by these companies. According to estimates, construction of every house will cost Rs 36 lakh in addition to the area to be earmarked for these homes. There are two or more families in the house, they will build houses by family. Apart from this, a 250-bed hospital is also being constructed in which hit by malnutrition will be given medical treatment.
In response to a question, Governor Sindh said that positive results in every sector of the government’s economic policy are emerging. When the government assumed the power, the revenue was 9 percent of the National Gross Product (GDP), he said adding that it has increased to 12.5 percent today. But, he said, the target of the government is 13 percent, which will be achieved soon.
Addressing the consultative meeting, President of the Karachi Editors Club, Mubasher Mir said that a think-tank comprising senior journalists of Karachi has been formed to discuss global issues and work is being done to develop the public opinion. We do not have space for office and we have also requested the Mayor in this connection. On this, The Governor Sindh assured the Karachi Editors Club members that he will to talk to the Chief Minister Sindh and Mayor Karachi on this issue.

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